DISINCARNATED “Born in the End of Silence” (Vinyl)


DISINCARNATED “Born in the End of Silence”
Formed in 1992, the Gods of Paraguayan Death Grind.
Recorded in Summer ’95 Officially released after 24 years for the first time! Gold LP Limited to 200 copies.

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DISINCARNATED «Born In The End Of Silence» – (Death Grind Metal /PY) – Vinyl – OSW/VNM-LP002 – Limited to 200- Gold LP.

Side A
1- Their Debris Mortals
2- & Under White Costumes
3- Dribbling Gush
4- Through A Particular Hypocrisy
5- Dispectic Debauchery Efflux
6- Derogate
7- An Irregular Balance

Side B
8- R.W.A.N.D.A (Real Wreck A Nation Dead Africa)
9- Gradual Wild Decrepitude
10- Corporeal Seething Trituration Specimen
11- The Horrible Question
12- Aggravious Steaming Debris Grumes
13- Eruptive Nauseation
14- Behind The Carnal Wrapping

First 50 copies come with a poster & a sticker with band logo
Recorded at IODI studios in summer ’95 – February 13-17. Released officially after 24 years.
Logo and cover art by Paul Ocampos
All music by Ernesto Avila (Except “The Horrible Questions” by Garly Escobar)
Lyrics: Javier Ocampos (except “Real Wreak – A Nation Dead – Africa” by Raul Arzamendia)

Total running time: 39:54

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Dimensions 32 × 32 cm
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